Product Templates

Here is the list of products available for your designs. We’ll be adding items on a regular basis as we get the dimensions and pricing estimated. When we go live we will finalize the prices and order quantities, as well as colors available. For now, here are the product templates so you can see how to size your designs!

You do not need to create a design for every template as any single design will be able to fit many templates having the same width-to-height ratio.

For example, a round design will fit round buttons, stickers, pendants, poker chips, t-shirts, and so forth; the trick is to make the round design large, say 5,000 pixels in diameter (about eight inches at 600 dpi), and then shrink it to fit the particular product you want the design on after you’ve uploaded it to your Store. The extra pixels this creates in the smaller sizes are ignored.

Other examples are the greeting cards and postcards with an average ratio of 1-to-1.4. Create one design at that ratio for the largest card, 5×7, then just compare its fit on the individual templates to make sure nothing important is cut off on the smaller sizes when you re-size it to fit.

Apparel, Baby and Toddler — coming soon!
Apparel, Men — coming soon!
Apparel, Women — coming soon!
Apparel, Youth — coming soon!
Buttons (Round, 1.5″ & 2.25″)
Cards (Greeting and Postcards)
Magnets (Car & Home)
Stickers, Indoor
Stickers, Outdoor (aka Bumper stickers)
Miscellaneous (Bag tags, Dog Tags, Keychains, pendants, poker chips, etc.) — coming soon!