Button with Safety Pin Back – BRSP-15, BSRP-225
Full Color Printed and Laminated!
Our buttons, available in two sizes — 1.5″ and 2.25″, are made from steel components, covered with a laminated full-color mylar insert and have a safety pin backing for attaching to materials. 100% Made in America!

Text and important image elements must be within the Safe Area Size. Any text or image elements outside this area might be cut off. To avoid a white line around the image on the sticker background colors, textures, or “Full Bleed”, images should extend to the Bleed Line. Designs smaller than the Bleed Size will be positioned according to the options selected when the Design is uploaded to the Design Room and/or the position options selected in the Product Design Studio.

All designs should be created in a CMYK colorspace. Acceptable upload file formats are .JPG or .JPEG, PNG, or PDF (PDF files should have all layers merged into one).


Button Pricing and Specifications:


1.5″ Price

2.25″ Price
















NOTE: These prices are tentative and will not be finalized until the product is released for production!


1.5″ Button

2.25″ Button

Bleed Size



Cut Size



Safe Area Size



Preferred Resolution

600 dpi

600 dpi


Button Templates:

  • The RED dashed line is the bleed line. If you want your image/text to extend to the edge of the trimmed card, it must extend to cover this red line.
  • The BLUE dashed line is the trim line. This is where the card will be cut. Any important image and/or text that extends to this line might be cut off in the trimming process.
  • The GREEN dashed line is the “Safe Area.” All important image elements and text MUST be inside this line.

Buttons, Round – ButtonsRound.zip