Book & eBook Formatting

Need help getting your manuscript into the proper format for a paper book or an eBook? We can help!

Supply your manuscript in MS Word in either Word97-2003 .doc or docx format, and we’ll do the rest.

The paper book will be in a standard 6×9 format with correct left and right margins for double-sided pages, title page, copyright page, and a table of contents.  Acknowledgement and dedication pages are included if needed. The finished book is provided as a complete PDF file in PDF/X 3:2002 format (with PDF bookmarks for “Read Inside” at Amazon) and PDF/X 1a:2001 (without bookmarks for CreateSpace and other publishers). If you have an ISBN it will be included.

eBooks will be supplied as either a Smashwords compliant MS Word .doc file or in Kindle mobi and ePub format. Smashwords provides ISBNs and the finished file will be adjusted to include it.

Cost is $299 for either eBook or paper version, both for $399.

For more information, contact Terry Kepner, iDesignBooks